Our goal is to give you leverage

Let's face it. The real estate world is extremely outdated and the home buying/selling process can seem pretty daunting. Finding the right home is just a fraction of the process. BothellHomes.com is here to give you maximum leverage so you can outperform during the real estate transaction process. Why leverage? You will need it to beat all cash buyers in multiple offer situations. You will need leverage to attract more offers to the home you are selling. We have these strategies, and are more than happy to execute them on your behalf.

Unrelenting buyer representation

The Greater Seattle real estate market is on fire. Most homes have multiple bids, and only the best offer in the sellers eyes will win in a multiple offer situation. Does that mean you have to overpay for a home? Absolutely not. The strategies we have to help you beat the multitudes of buyers out there are state of the art. From crafting bulletproof, clean offers; to building rapport to gain support from the seller's agent - let's put it this way: no one wants to compete with you if you hire us on your team. Visit our sister site www.beatmultipleoffers.com to learn more.

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