**Urbane Village is now live and selling townhomes. We have agents ready to help tour & answer questions. Check the listings here: http://www.bothellhomes.com/bothell/urbane-village/**

The beloved Country Village along Bothell-Everett Highway near Canyon Park will soon be redeveloped by Pulte Homes into Urbane Village, a 114 Townhome complex with mixed retail starting at the upper 500K price point. It was sold by the previous owners for 4.1 Million back in September 2017. If you want to keep updated with this new development, head over to this page: www.bothellhomes.com/bothell/urbane-village

The project code named “Bothell 111 (Urbane Village II)” was issued by the City of Bothell on February 1, 2018. You can see all the details of the application here: https://bothellhom.es/2F7I17l

Bothell residents; for many of you (including myself) this is a sad day. For decades, Country Village has been a considered a part of Bothell’s identity. Over 45 locally-owned shops & restaurants are located here currently. Sadly, the owners of the site had to sell for personal reasons. On top of that, many businesses at Country Village either had low sales or had to close down altogether due to lack of support from the community. Moving forward we should strive as a community to support our small businesses as much as we can.

As a Bothell Realtor myself, I love having more homes to sell - but I strongly prefer that our pieces of local history can remain intact and take precedence over new housing developments. Either way, my duty is to provide you with the information and keep you informed with the local Bothell real estate market. It's tough to separate the emotions of living here myself for 16+ years!

It should also come to no surprise that the site was sold at this time. Bothell is currently growing like crazy, with total redevelopments of downtown & Main Street, large amounts of families relocating from Seattle & the Eastside, and foreign investors taking high interest in our amazing community.

We want to also keep you updated on the new Urbane Village development and be your go-to resource for Bothell real estate needs! Check it out on this page & request info anytime: www.bothellhomes.com/bothell/urbane-village